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International forum Horeca. Just Horeca

New trends in hotel and restaurant business.
Innovations in the concept “Thematic restaurant and café, combination concepts”.



Product sectors

Everything for restaurants, cafes and other catering enterprises

  • Tableware, cutlery, table decoration
  • Professional cookware
  • Kitchen equipment (stoves, refrigerators, containers, ovens)
  • Furniture for hotels, restaurants, bars, summer cafes. Tents and sheds.
  • Textile: table cloths and napkins, bath towels and bathrobes, bed covers, curtains, bed linen.
  • Household equipment

Organizers: LLC «MOKKA Expo Group», Group of Companies Mayer J. Group.
Lusinovskaya st. 36 bld. 1, 115093 Moscow, Russia Tel.: +7 (495) 363-50-32/33,; e-mail: