This spring the Annual Horeca. Just Horeca International Forum will take part within the framework of HouseHold Expo spring 2020 and ChemiCos-2020 international exhibitions


March 26, 2020

Topic of the forum in 2020:“Key tendencies in the development of cleaning technologies. Professional cleaning standards” NEW

For the first time the programme of the forum will include business negotiations “SUPPLIERS FOR HORECA”NEW

Business negotiations “SUPPLIERS FOR HORECA” – personal meetings between manufacturers of hotelware and restaurant ware (professional chemistry, textiles, tableware) and hotel representatives. HoReCa manufacturers will present their products for procuring potential orders from hotels.


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Organisers: Mayer Corporate Group and the Russian Hotel Association

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  • hotel and restaurant management
  • innovations and trends in the hotel business
  • new development directions of hotel technologies
  • technologies and methods of hotel management
  • experience of creating a successful restaurant campaign
  • franchising models in the restaurant business
  • IT decisions for hotels
  • International experience in the hospitality industry
  • laying the table, décor of hotels and restaurants
  • licenses for using household goods
  • suburban hotels – preparing for the season, animation


  • tendencies and interior design of hotels and restaurants
  • peculiarities of hotel equipment, furniture layout
  • floor carpets of an individual design
  • rules of space organizing
  • decoration of hotels and restaurants on festive events
  • rules for lighting of hotels and restaurants
  • décor trends and fresh ideas
  • marketing innovations (design as a marketing element)


  • on-line sales of hotel services
  • KPI system in the sales division
  • increase of the hotel workload
  • service


  • modern tendencies in planning, reconstruction and rebuilding of hotels, hotel supply resourcing
  • hotel cosmetics
  • renovation of hotel buildings
  • difficulties in café planning


  • personnel training and development
  • development and modernization of professional standards
  • independent evaluation of personnel qualification, modern motivation


  • recommendations for hoteliers and restaurateurs
  • professional experience of hotel networks

Forum news

On July 8 Andrei Vorobyov, the Governor of Moscow Oblast, allowed companies engaged in the organisation of conferences (congresses) and exhibitions to resume their work  (Decree N 318-PG), provided they adhere to the Standard requirements for the operation of such companies. The reopening is possible by notification starting from August


The Governor of Moscow Oblast signed the Decree allowing the running of exhibition events

Dear exhibitors and visitors of International exhibitions HouseHold Expo, Stylish Home&Gifts, Outdoor Dacha, Christmas Box. Podarki and ChemiCos spring-2020!

Organizers: Russian Hotel Association, LLC «MOKKA Expo Group», Group of Companies Mayer J. Group. Official support: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RF.
20 Ovchinnikovskaya Embankment, building 1, Moscow, Russia Tel.: +7 (495) 363-50-32/33, www.justhoreca.ru; e-mail: info@justhoreca.ru